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This document will guide you to upgrade your Drupal 7 TopHit 2.1 installation to TopHit 2.2 for Drupal 7.


Prepare your workbench

  1. Be sure that you are currently running TopHit 2.1 for Drupal 7. If not, please upgrade your installation to TopHit 2.1 for Drupal 7 first.
  2. Create a temporary installation of Drupal 7 TopHit 2.2 using our installation profile. You will use this as a reference to guide you.


  1. Backup everything.
  2. Just in case, make sure you backed up everything =) (besides, it's always a good idea).

Update Drupal core

Take a breath and read Drupal's Upgrading from previous versions first. This upgrade will update your Drupal core to the version 7.19. We assume that you are currently using a 7.x version so it's about a "Minor update procedure".

  1. Locate the root folder of your site. This is Drupal's root folder, where the index.php file is located.
  2. Delete all Drupal files and folders except the [sites] folder.
  3. Copy all Drupal files and folders from your temporary installation except the [sites] folder.
  4. Login to your Drupal installation as administration user, your site should still work as usual.
  5. Run the update.php file calling a url like or, if your site is located under a subdirectory.

Patch your TopHit theme files

  1. Locate our theme folder in your temporary installation. Usually at [sites/all/themes/tophit]
  2. Locate our theme folder in your drupal 7 site. Usually at [sites/all/themes/tophit]
  3. Replace the following files in your installation, using the corresponding source files from the temporary installation
    1. style.css
    2. template.php
    3. field--field_image--blog.tpl.php
    4. field--field_image--mt_product.tpl.php
    5. field--field_image--mt_service.tpl.php

Clear all cached data

This step is important in order to force your template to be informed for the changes you have made in the template files.

To do this go to Administer » Site configuration » Performance » Clear cached data

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