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Read more about Portfolio+ theme and installation profile at http://www.morethanthemes.com/?q=themes/portfolioplus

What's in the pack

You can dig into the source psd files and modify them the way you want and reuse, as long as this is permitted by the License. Lastly, you can use our installation profile to setup your drupal.

Every single theme you purchase from “More than themes” is more than a simple Drupal theme. It's a complete Drupal distribution including several modules, content types, view pages, view blocks, pre-configured image styles as well as a premium theme tailored together to achieve its functionality. It comes with an installation profile that allows you to have a fully-functional site up and running in few minutes.



Theme installation guidelines

During the "Verify requirements" step of the installation profile you will be presented with the notice that "XMP library is not available". This is not an error and will not affect your installation since our implementation is configured to extract EXIF data and not XMP data from the images. Please click the "proceed with the installation" link at the bottom of the page to proceed.

If you need to extend the functionality of our implementation to support XMP data extraction you will have to install the mentioned library. Please check the "EXIF" module page as well as the "XMP PHP Toolkit Extension" page for additional information.


If you need to extract XMP data from your images you will have install

Installation articles


Portfolio+ features and how you can get the most out of them



Useful videos demonstrating some of the themes key features

Road map

Portfolio+ 2.x

Change log

Portfolio+ 2.0.0

Initial release

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