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Selecta is a Drupal theme based on WordPress' Selecta theme, designed by Obox.

The theme is hosted and available for download at



To install the Selecta simply drop it into your drupal instance (sites/all/themes/selecta).

User Guide

Video Page

In order to reproduce a video page like *Elbow /// One Day Like This follow these steps:

  1. Create a new "Article" through Home » Add content » Create Article.
  2. Add a Title.
  3. Click on "Edit summary" above the "Body" field
  4. Add your video Link to the "Summary" field
    • Vimeo
      <iframe src="" width="940" height="531" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
    • Youtube
      <iframe width="940" height="531" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
      • You should add the "?wmode=opaque" parameter to the src url to avoid the video being displayed on top of the administration overlay in Chrome browser.
  5. Add your main content to the "Body" field.
  6. Set the Articles "Text format" to "Full HTML"

By design Selecta adjusts the video iframe width to fit in the available space. In addition Selecta takes into account the iframe's height attribute only for the main "Article" page and not the article feeds. You can change these settings by editing the style.css file (line: 335).

Featured Videos

Get rid of the hardcoded "Featured Videos"

Selecta gives you the option to disable the built in, hardocoded, "Featured Videos" javascript implementation without dealing with PHP at all. Simply goto Selecta theme settings and disable it.

How to separate the "Featured Videos" implementation from page.tpl.php

In order to keep your "Featured Videos" implementation compatible with future Selecta updates, you can follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Disable the "Featured Videos" from Selecta's theme settings
  2. Create a new drupal block
  3. Place inside this block the default HTML markup you can find here.
  4. Set the "Text Format" to "PHP code"
  5. Set the block to be displayed in the "Feature area" region.

Demo Content

Find out how to reproduce our demonstration site at the Selecta Demonstration Content Guide.

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