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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for all our commercial themes.


Is it possible to integrate ratings to each article?

This is a Drupal-specific issue. You will need to use one of the available Drupal modules or develop your own.


Is it possible to have a blog section for each editor with short bio and his articles?

Absolutely, you will just need to activate the Blog module in Drupal. 


Is it possible to include a database of all my products, something like a Wiki?

Yes, however this will require additional development, customized to your needs.


Is it possible to integrate an e-shop to my web page with this theme?

Yes, you will need to use one of the related modules which are available for Drupal. Our Themes are not especially designed, nor limited to any specific shopping module. Therefore, our general formatting rules may cover your basic needs.

Browser compatibility

On your web site you mentioned, that this theme is "Cross-browser compatible". Is it also tested with mobile browsers like Safari on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?

Like all our themes, Corporate Classy is valid using XHTML 4 and CSS3, therefore it renders smoothly, on mobile devices like those, as well as any other device supporting those globally accepted web-standards.

Theme Installation

Where is the login page (or block)? I cannot find one thanks

The User Login Block is by default deactivated in most of our themes, and can be activated if you wish through the block management region, in Drupal. However, you can still login through the login page at the following address: http://{installation_url}/user or http://{installation_url}/?q=user

The default credentials are the following: username: admin password: password For your convenience, here's an example of the PressBlog Playground login page http://playground.morethanthemes.com/drupal7/pressblog/user

Is it possible to use your theme with my existing Drupal website/installation, but without having to change the database and content?

For a custom theme installation, please refer to our Photofolio custom installation on Drupal 6 and 7 guide, or our Video: How to install your premium Drupal theme over an existing Drupal instance.

During the installation the option to create a database and an admin account never came up. How do I login as an admin?

Each of our themes comes with an installation wizard, which takes care of everything for you. It ends up with a live site full of demo content. You can login to your site using the following credentials:

username: admin password: password

How to set up a multilingual site?

Read Drupal's Translation, multi-language content and internationalization from Drupal's tutorials collection

Purchasing, licensing, usage & updates

Does your theme ever expire? Do you charge for the updates?

All our themes never expire and come with free updates for life. No hidden costs or anything of the sort.

When I purchase one of your themes, can I download it to my computer and work on it on my local server before uploading and going live with it?

Absolutely. Right after you purchase you can download, setup and customize the theme on your local server before uploading.

What is the Extended Download option I see on the checkout/cart page? Do I need to buy this?

The Extended Download option is useful particularly to people and companies that would like to be assured that they will have access to a download link for the product during those 24 months, even in (the highly unlikely) case we or the theme/product ceases to exist. So, it serves only as an extra assurance. Companies often like having this extra assurance. If you want to remove the Extended Download option from your cart page, simply click on the Bin button so that you proceed without paying for it.

Theme configuration

How to setup our themes to support a local.css file where custom CSS rules and modifications can be placed

How to add a local.css

How to hide the right sidebar when no blocks exist in it

How to hide the right sidebar

Corporate Classy

General Questions and Answers for our Corporate Classy theme.

Is it possible to promote some highlighted articles to the Front Page, without adding them to the SlideShow?

Yes. The Slide show itself features an individual, new content type called "slideshow_entry", which comes built-into the theme and which you can link to any article (node, URL etc.) you wish to promote there. Have a look at the attached screenshot we created for you.

Apart from this, the News section on the front page, is a Views block which collects and features articles from the term "News". If, in addition to this, you want to expand the filters of this Views block, you can easily do so from the Views module

Alternatively, you may also create as many Views blocks as you wish, and place them on one of the four available regions of the front page.


General Questions and Answers for our Photofolio theme.

May I use Photofolio for a multilingual site?

Our themes do not interfere in any way, nor do they limit the default multilingual support offered by Drupal. In fact we already have users who have setup websites with Photofolio in various languages.

Would it be possible to embed a video in a gallery or in some blog post?

Although Photofolio was not designed with video material in mind, in its core, it provides a Drupal site, so it can handle any valid HTML content. Videos can be embedded in HTML as objects. So far there are two options for that:

  1. Host your video sources in your server and embed them in your post using HTML's object element
  2. Host your videos in a service like YouTube or Vimeo and embed them in your post using Flash (or any other code snippet provided from the video hosting service).

For this demonstration we will deal with YouTube.

  1. Upload your video in your YouTube account.
  2. Locate your just uploaded video in YouTube. For example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1G5WOjPA98
  3. Click on the Embed button and copy the provided embed code to your clipboard.
  4. Create any content type in your Photofolio instance.
  5. Paste the embeded code in your post's body.
  6. Don't forget to set the Text Format to Full HTML

You can always decorate your post with an image too. Take a look at a working example in our Playground

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