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Please note that the following guide applies to all themes with an installation profile on both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 in general. If you have extra needs that are not covered from this guide, please don't hesitate to contact our support team

Step-by-step guide for a custom installation

For a custom theme installation you need to follow next steps:

  1. Backup everything.
  2. Just in case, make sure you backed up everything =) (besides, it's always a good idea)
  3. Create a temporary installation using our installation profile. You will use this as a reference to guide you.
  4. Locate our theme folder in the path sites/all/themes (for example [photofolio]) and copy it into your drupal instance.
  5. Locate all necessary modules in the path sites/all/modules and copy them into your drupal instance.
  6. Enable the new modules
  7. Check that your installation has the same modules enabled like temporary.
  8. Enable our theme
  9. Create the necessary new content types. Refer to the temporary installation to find out what content types you need to create. You can also use a content type export/import tool.
  10. Use the temporary installation of our theme and export all views.
  11. Import those views into your drupal instance.
    • Please note: additional fine tuning of some build in drupal views may be needed.
  12. Create all the necessary image-presets. Use the temporary installation to guide you.
  13. Put your block to the right region according to your temporary installation.
  14. Test your all-new-drupal site.

Important note: Your drupal website must be of the same version as the one that has been delivered to you from us. If needed upgrade your drupal site to this version before proceeding with the instructions above.

Good news: We do our best to keep our deliveries synchronized with the latest drupal release. If you have a running drupal website with a version newer (greater) than ours just contact us to provide you a new build of our theme.

Update: we now have a Video showing the above: check it out here.

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