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This document will guide you through upgrading your Drupal 6 Pressblog 1.0 installation to Pressblog 2.0 for Drupal 6.


Prepare your workbench

  1. Make sure that you are currently running Pressblog 1.0.
  2. Create a temporary installation of Drupal 6 Pressblog 2.0 using our installation profile. You will use this as a reference to guide you.


  1. Backup everything.
  2. Just in case, make sure you backed up everything =) (besides, it's always a good idea).

Patch your Pressblog theme files

  1. Locate our theme folder in your temporary installation. Usually at [sites/all/themes/pressblog]
  2. Locate our theme folder in your drupal 6 site. Usually at [sites/all/themes/pressblog]
  3. Replace the following files in your installation, using the corresponding source files from the temporary installation:
    1. Replace style.css
    2. Replace views-view-list--promoted_blogposts--block.tpl.php

Clear all cached data

This step is important in order to force your template to be updated with the changes you have made in the template files.

To do this, go to Administer » Site configuration » Performance » Clear cached data

Improve front page slide show performance

You need to make some changes in your Drupal installation in order to improve slide show performance and make your view combatible with changes in .php code.

  1. Go to Administer » Site building » Views and edit the view promoted_blogposts
  2. Locate Fields box and
    1. Click on Node: Title and check Exclude from display. Click on Update button bellow.
    2. Click on Node: Body and check Exclude from display. Click on Update button bellow.
    3. Add a new field pressing the [+] button at the right side of this box.
      1. From Groups combo box select Content
      2. Check on Content: Image (field_image)
      3. Click on Add button bellow.
    4. Click on Content: Image (you have just add)
      1. Check on Rewrite the output of this field and set the text we give you just bellow this list.
      2. Dont forget to set
        1. Label: None
        2. Format: large image linked to node
      3. Click on Update button
  3. Save the view

Rewrite output:

<span class="slider-text">

Better chronological sort order in Older articles

  1. Go to Administer » Site building » Views and edit the view older_articles
  2. Locate Sort criteria box and
    1. Click on Node: Sticky and remove it using the Remove button bellow.
  3. Save the view
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