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Content types

Pressblog comes with a build in Content type

Of course Pressblog support the rest of drupal's default content types: Story and Page.

Blog post

A blog post, similar in form to a story, is ideal for creating and displaying content that carries images and informs or engages website visitors. Press releases, site announcements, and informal blog entries may all be created with a blog post entry. By default, a blog post entry is automatically featured on the site's initial home page, and provides the ability to post comments. It has the option to be displayed into front page slide show. It provides the ability to attach an image which is automatically adjusted to fit into the websites layout. Blog post enables free tagging (just like labels), taking the taxonomy one step further.

Image handling

Pressblog comes with the ImageCache module pre-configured and ready to be used. Blog Post content types make use of this and produce all necessary thumbnails.

Just set the "Preview image" (read more below in the HowTo section) and Pressblog will use this


Pre-configured Blocks

Pressblog comes with a set of pre-configured ready-to-use blocks:

Latest Articles

This is the block below the front-page slideshow.

This block (view) collects and shows the 4 latest blog posts, which have been marked as Sticky at top of lists on Publishing Options.

In case a blogpost is both marked as Promoted to slideshow and Sticky at top of lists, then it will appear on both regions.


Older Articles

This block (view) collects and presents the latest blogposts and stories (content types) of the website. Pb-block-older.png

Popular, Latest and Comments

Pressblog monitors your posts so that popular and latest posts, as well as your visitors comments are collected into an eye-candy block, with the power of Views.

Popular Articles

This view collects the most popular nodes, based on the number of reads. Counting of the number of reads, is done using the “Statistics” module, which is by default enabled. For any further adjustments this can be accessed via: Administer / Reports / Access log settings.

Furthermore, by enabling the Statistics module, the following possibilities are also provided:

  1. Node statistics: Most recent view. The most recent time the node has been viewed.
  2. Node statistics: Total views. The total number of times the node has been viewed.
  3. Node statistics: Views today. The total number of times the node has been viewed today.
Latest Articles

This view collects the latest blogposts and stories (content types) of the system. In case the latest article is not accompanied by some image, then the title and the short description underneat will occupy all the available space.


This view collects the latest comments made on the system’s nodes.

Monthly Archives

With the power of Views, Press Blog provides a ready to use block that counts and summarizes your posts.


PressBlog comes with built-in twitter intergration. Enter yout twitter account into the theme’s config setting and voila: a block with your latest tweets is already there.


Using the built-in Flickr module, Pressblog lets you easily show your Flickr photo feeds in your PressBlog-powered site.

Pb-howto-blocks-1.png Pb-howto-blocks-2.png

How to

Publish a blog post

  1. Create a new Blog Post
  2. Add an image using the Image field

This image will be used from Pressblog for

  1. Front page Latest Articles listing
  2. Popular and Latest blocks
  3. Posts listing page (taxonomy)
  4. Post's page

All required sizes will be generated from PressBlog using your source.

Put it in the front-page slideshow

  1. Select the Promoted on slideshow option

Your image will automatically be uploaded and resized to fit in the Slideshow. Your post now is part of the front page Slideshow.

Pb-howto-promo-slide.png Pb-post-image-1.png Pb-post-image-2.png Pb-post-image-3.png

Setup twitter block

Go to PressBlog Theme Configuration page and set your twitter account.

Pb-theme-configure-1.png Pb-theme-configure-twitter.png

Setup flickr block

Go to admininster page and locate Flickr module. Then set your Flickr Account

To create your Flickr key read Flickr's API Keys page

Pb-flickr-1.png Pb-flickr-2.png

You can read more at about Flickr Module at:

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