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This document will guide you how to upgrade your Drupal 6 Photofolio 1.3 installation to Photofolio 2.0 for Drupal 6.


Prepare your workbench

  1. Be sure that you are currently running Photofolio 1.3. If not, please upgrade your installation to Photofolio 1.3 first.
  2. Create a temporary installation of Drupal 6 Photofolio 2.0 using our installation profile. You will use this as a reference to guide you.


  1. Backup everything
  2. Just in case, make sure you backed up everything =) (besides, it's always a good idea)

Patch your Photofolio theme files

  1. Locate our theme folder in your temporary installation. Usually at [sites/all/themes/photofolio]
  2. Locate our theme folder in your drupal 6 site. Usually at [sites/all/themes/photofolio]
  3. Replace the following files in your installation, using the corresponding source files from the temporary installation
    1. Replace page.tpl.php
    2. Replace page-front.tpl.php
    3. Replace node.tpl.php
    4. Replace node-post.tpl.php
    5. Replace node-gallery.tpl.php
    6. Replace style.css
    7. Replace template.php
    8. Replace views-view-list--galleries--page.tpl.php
    9. Replace views-view-list--slideshow--block.tpl.php
    10. Replace comment.tpl.php
  4. Add the following file in your installation using the source file from the temporary installation
    1. comment-wrapper.tpl.php
  5. Copy the following images from the temporary installation to your installation [sites/all/themes/photofolio/images]
    1. body-bg.png
    2. submit.png

Clear all cached data

This step is important in order to force your template to be informed for the changes you have made in the template files.

To do this go to Administer » Site configuration » Performance » Clear cached data

Setup User Picture support

You need to make some changes in your Drupal installation in order to enable and configure User Picture (avatars)

  1. Go to Administer » User management » User settings
  2. Enable Pictures » Picture support
  3. Set Picture image path to: pictures
  4. Set Default picture to: sites/default/files/pictures/generic-avatar.jpg
  5. Set Picture maximum dimensions to: 60x60
  6. Click Save configuration
  7. Use your installation and copy generic-avatar.jpg from sites/all/themes/photofolio/images/ to sites/default/files/pictures. This image is already incuded in your Photofolio v.1.3-based site.
  8. Go to 'Administer » Site building » Themes » Photofolio and enable User pictures in posts and in comments

Image presets fine tuning

  1. Go to Administer » Site building » ImageCache
  2. Edit image-gallery preset at Administer » Site building » ImageCache » Edit preset: image-gallery
  3. Configure Scale and Crop settings from 422 x 135 to 405 x 135
  4. Update action
  5. Save preset

Promote galleries in slide show feature

With Photofolio v.2.0 you can now promote Galleries in the front page slide show. To enable this feature:

New field in content type

  1. Go to Administer » Content management » Gallery post
  2. Click Manage fields
  3. Use Existing field area and the field "Text:field_slideshow (Slide Show)". Use a label something like Slide Show and click Save
  4. Save field settings

View configuration

You need to inform the view that is responsible for the slide show to include image galleries too. To do that:

  1. Go to Administer » Site building » Views
  2. Locate the view slideshow and click 'edit'
  3. Locate the block Filters and click on Node:Type link, then add the Gallery post also
  4. Update changes using Update button and then Save Slideshow view
  5. Go to the desired Gallery and enable the front-page slideshow checkbox.

Beautify Syndicate block

With Photofolio 2.0 you can also have text in the syndicate block that is shipped with the Photofolio distribution. To do that, all you need to do is add a Block Title for this block.

For example, go to Administer » Site building » Blocks » 'Syndicate' block and add to the block title field the title: Subscribe to our RSS

Get the most from Contact Form

In Photofolio 2.0 we have taken care of the look'n'feel of the Contact Form module. Just enable the module and create a new contact form.

Contact info block

If you want to use the Contact Form module and still want the Contact Info block, you will have to create it as an HTML block and configure it to be placed below your Contact forms. To do that:

  1. Create a block at Administer » Site building » Blocks
  2. Add the block description "Contact Info"
  3. Add the block title “Contact Info”
  4. Paste the following html code (see below) in the block and enable the php input format for the case of clean urls
  5. Show block on only the listed pages -> contact*
  6. Put the Contact Info block into your Content Region
<div id="contact-info">
<div id="map"><img src="<?php print base_path();?>sites/default/files/map.png" align="left"/></div>
<div id="contact-info-text">
<h2>Contact Info</h2>
2701 Saint Thomas<br/>
Santa Clara, CA 95111<br/>
Tel: 408-486-2109<br/>
Fax: 408-486-2309<br/>
email: [email protected]<br/>
skype: photofolio
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