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Skeleton is a powerful, clean, responsive theme ported to Drupal by More Than (just) Themes. If you like this theme, we encourage you to try also of our other Premium and Free Drupal themes.

This theme is build over the Skeleton Boilerplate and was inspired by the excellent Skeleton Wordpress theme

The theme is hosted and available for download at



To install the Skeleton theme simply drop it into your drupal instance (sites/all/themes/skeletontheme).

User Guide

Skeleton comes with full support of the forum, contact and blog core modules. Simply enable them through Home » Administration » Modules and you are ready to go! You can preview the modules functionality and style at:

In addition the Skeleton theme supports a full width layout for each Page like the front-page. This behavior can be achieved by configuring the sidebar to not contain any blocks for the specific page so that the main content area takes all the available space. This configuration is set through the Drupal interface.

Demo Content

Find out how to reproduce our demonstration site at the Skeleton Demonstration Content Guide.

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